Affiliated Individual Membership (AIM) Program
The Affiliated Individual Membership Program was implemented to enable individuals who wish to join OPRC but do not have a chapter in their geographic location.
By becoming an Affiliated Individual Member you agree to have your general location listed on our public website map.
AIM members receive
  • A dot on the OPRC public map to show other AIM members where you are located.
  • Access to an AIM portal
  • May be rated by an OPRC chapter. Must make your own arrangements with a rater in a active OPRC chapter.
  • Once rated you may participate in any OPRC chapter function/meeting, with prior coordination through the chapter President
  • Eligible for Excess Personal Liability insurance
  • Eligible for ARG membership benefits
  • Access to the D1 rating. When wanting to rate up, National will provide one rating test above your current rating.
  • Automatically added to your OPRC membership portal
  • Facebook group membership